Reviews for "Earthbound 0- Eight Melodies"

sorry if I look like an idiot, but

I have to vote ten, just because it has "Earthbound" in the title.

ZOMGBIE responds:

Oookay, thanks. I hope you actually listened to the song as well.


Thats all I could really manage when I listened to this song it made my ears dance,you made my day!Thank you for making such an amazzing song!Keep up the good work!

ZOMGBIE responds:

Well thank you very much. Glad I could make your day nicer.


Like I stated on another review, so nice to hear something different from the normal techno beat that everyone seems to be doing.
Keep up the unique work man!

ZOMGBIE responds:

I try to do things a little different from what people expect on Newgrounds. This one seems to reach the most people though. But It's one of my best so that's a good thing. Thanks for the review.


hey this is mcnuttys roomate
and i love earthbound awesome job

and me to McNutty lol

ZOMGBIE responds:

Thanks for the support mcnutty's roommate. Glad you liked it. And yes Earthbound is way awesome. I'm currently playing Mother 3, and it is awesome as well.


it's so fresh. just brilliant man keep it up!!!!!!!!

ZOMGBIE responds:

Thanks. I felt the 8 melodies deserved a little more than just a regular old trance beat. So I had to be a little extra with it.