Reviews for "Earthbound 0- Eight Melodies"


I love Mother music! Seriously, this is absolutely perfect. You were able to add a distinction between each melody. The intro built it up very well, then came into a mesmerizing beat, finally leading up to a hypnotizing, lullaby-type verse of the actual eight melodies strung together. And at the end, it combined the beat with the melody for a spectacular finish!
It brought a tear to my eye. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. You, my friend, are absolutely gifted and blessed for being able to produce music of this quality.

ZOMGBIE responds:

Thank you so much. Man, I don't know what to say. Seeing responses like this make it worth making music. :D

FUCK yeah!

having never played any of the earthbound games, i still enjoyed this a whole shitload. this is one of the best techno songs in any genre i've heard in a long time, way to go!!
5/5 10/10 download

ZOMGBIE responds:

XD!!! Thanks a lot for the accolades! I'm really glad this song is starting to catch on.

Great stuff

This is among the best I have heard...trust me! lol j/k Dj Max...anyway like max said, it is quite calming..the begining kinda paints a picture of some peaceful exsitance in your mind, and as it builds you see that exsistance fade to a larger peice of it, a world full of pleasure and joy! Like our dreams as a child..fills your heart with some sort of hope. I can see this in like one of those Animes that end in a great way, everyone cheering, the worlds saved, you did it! Pan out from the planet and just to add something funny...some alien looking cluelessly down, shrugging and flying away leaving behind the end credits showing all the funny stuff that was in hte movie..THAT is what I see!

ZOMGBIE responds:

Wow. That's an interesting interpretation you've made there. The game actually kind of ends like that, as far as the world being saved and stuff. That's pretty much it since the Eight Melodies have a lot to do with how the game ends. So yeah, it's nice the song itself paints that kind of picture. Thanks for the review.


by far THE BEST trance ive ever heard. and thats saying something, trust me. incredible work man. droolingly incredible!

10/10 for a perfect song.

very calming, yet exciting, yet just......... fills you with this feeling........ amazing. absolutely amazing.

100% Downloadable goodness!

ZOMGBIE responds:

Thanks man! The best you've ever heard? That's a really high compliment. I did not expect to receive feedback like this on anything I've made. Thanks a lot.

Very Cool

This sounds great! All of the instruments mesh well with the song and the ending is really upbeat. But, like you said before, I also feel that the beginning took a bit too long to build up. Other than that, great job!

10/10, 5/5, Keep it up! ( I also downloaded it :) )

ZOMGBIE responds:

Thanks a whole heapin lot man! I think this song is the one I worked the hardest on and it really makes me feel good to hear feedback, especially the good kind.