Reviews for "Earthbound 0- Eight Melodies"


I love the amazing buildup to the wonderful explosion. The time past 5 minutes wouldn't have been so amazing if It weren't for the first 5 minutes. Transitions are great. The song is amazing. If you aren't happier after listening to this song, you aren't human.

ZOMGBIE responds:

Thanks for another review man. I tried to express what the 8 Melodies makes me feel whenever I hear it. I'm glad it made you happy.

^_^ It's cool - In the soothing sort of way!

First it's all soothing... And I just sat down and listened. Then like 5 minutes into the song it got... Spicy! Fast! It was really cool with the switch. Great work!

ZOMGBIE responds:

Thanks a lot! I love the switch too. The melody can be expressed so many different ways. I tried as many as I could fit in here.

First timers are always cool

I'm just really loving how the flow of this tune is. For the first few minutes it's all calm and ambient, and then later it goes DITTI DITTI and BOOM BOOM BOO DOO and all that. Crazy stuff, man.


ZOMGBIE responds:


This sucks

no it doesn't it rocks!

ZOMGBIE responds:

No. You rock! :D

wow =)

great memories.
the game was amazing and so was mother 3!
great job

ZOMGBIE responds:

I haven't finished Mother 3 yet, but so far I love it. Thanks a bunch for the review.