Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"


OMG, the part with the facts of life chick and jason mom, that was the funniest thing ive seen on this site. You really did a good job with this, I was laughin the entire time. cheers, hope you make another.

You shall be dubbed god o' flash

This is the funniest flash I have ever seen and coming from someone who has been accessing newgrounds since 99' that is excellent! You are an artist, keep em' coming. :)

Rock on!!!

Duke Nukem is one of my favorite game heroes. One thing's for sure, that was a sick joke with Jason and his mother, Pamela. I've been a Jason fan for a long time and its a pleasure to see this movie. I think you should put some annoying thugs for Jason to kill.


i didnt mind it that much. but i think it could have used a little less sexual humor. masturbation jokes arent that funny anymore. other than that. it was bland all the way through with very little hilarity.


I liked it. it was pretty funny. i like how jason killed george. squashed his head like a grape lol.