Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

this is crazy!

There is no way to say this movie isn't Tee-totally insane, cause it just is!

even thogh it wuz long

i liked it, dont worry ive seen flash longer than this,wen i wuz watching it it felt 2 me like i wuz watching a movie. nice job man, ur so good.^_^

alirght i guess

It was ok...... but i disaprove of how jason dies its a little stupid

wow i like good and long movies

i like how u put nes craphics in that i just didnt ever played that game ever

hurrah for the facts of life!

really f**king long, and the music got a little annoying at times. But the NES graphics kick ass as usual and there was plenty of semi laughs and violence!