Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"

i hated that movie

lol the gay story teller was great! that was easily 5 bazillion times better than lxg all my 5 r belongs to this

Fucking sucks queer ass ballz...

Fuck this dumbass shit homosexual queer ass racist piece of garbage. I can't believe this made top 50, well, the score isn't even that great. So fuck,


that was just like LXG

Funniest thing ever!

This is by far one of the funniest things I've seen In a long time on Newgrounds, and that's saying something. Movie parodies are rarely done, and this is a groundbreaker... EXTREMELY FUNNY!

ROFL!!!!! SO TRUE!!!!

HAHAHAHHAHA oh man, that was hilarious. you captured the movie PERFECTLY, and hilariously to