Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"

Freaking Funny.

LOL. i just watched the movie last night and it all makes sence. one of the best parodys on ng. good job.


shibby dude... ummm, what to say, I never really saw that movie, it did seeem pretty stupid to me. Well go0d job, it was cool... I actuallly like the way your voice sounded fake, how you could hear the microphone,lol...yea well....l8tr


i saw that film twice and tbh i really did think if i saw it a second time it might make some more sense, boy was i wrong lol...
nice parody


Because its so real. Good Stuff.

It's so funny - just SO funny!

Me and my roommate have been watching this cartoon like 2 times a day for this whole week. It is just so funny, we haven't even seen LXG, but now we want to, just to see what he's making fun of. Its just so well done. And the sean connery accent is so funny. "Pleesh?"

Also my roommate really likes that song that always comes on durring the action segments. What is it, wheres it from? I couldn't tell from the credits...

Very well done!