Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"

Better than the REAL movie

Wow, there were some stupid stuff that I didn't notice until your movie pointed them out. I love the Sean Connery impersonation, it makes me laugh.

Good job, that was hilarious.


jeeze i was gunna waste my money on going to see that movie, but i guess i kno better now! lol great job and i like the voices!

Holy crap... lol

When me and my friend say the preview to LXG we thought that it would be cool. But now holy crap I'm glad you made this!! Because I was gonna go on the weekend to this movie. Actually... now I'm gonna go and laugh at the parts in the movie because your of your movie!!!

P.S. Sweet imperssionation of Sean Conry


that was very good (LONG AS FUCK) but good keep it up

This makes me glad to have seen the movie...

Not for the plot, because there IS no plot, but because of this animation! IT OWNS! The only thing that was left out was that part where the indian guy was slashing at that other freak for like 5 min. before getting thrown back. Oh, and you could have included a part that shows how Quarterman punches like a little girl... Besides my bitching, this was awsome! Please tell me you are going to make more parodies of bad movies!!!