Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"


omfg, this is exactly how the movie is.


this actually makes me want to see LXG just so i know how crappy it really is!

Best movie ever!!!

Something LXG wasn't...by a long shot but this is really awesome...Its nice to see someone put that thing with Dorian Gray the way it should have been done in flash :P...Man I just want you to know that the past few minutes have been the happiest of my life :P


sorry was a good depiction of the movie.. it really was shit. but your animation coulda been even a little better and you woulda got a better score. lmao the best parts were the first time wahts the fuckers name was driving the car and was screaming... haha that made me laugh. and the voodoo doc at the end. but yeah it really is a shitty movie.. i advise no one to watch it. peace.

How Long the Film Should of Really Been

That was grand. It is even better if u have seen that craptastic film. I would say your spoof of it made more sense then the real movie. Thank you for actually making something good out of that turd.