Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"

Lifeless, worthless, and unwatchable...

You should have named this movie: "LXG in Tweens" or "LXG in 15 Minutes Actually Took Me 15 Minutes to Make." This is a filthy pile of trash only made possible by Afro_Ninja. Why is it here? Why is the score high? I have no idea after watching this tween fest. I pray to G-d that one day, I'll be able to animate, because the first thing I will submit is a full mock of everything you have ever "accomplished on NG."

First of all, I liked LXG, and I don't appreciate it being mocked in such a lack-luster way. Seriously Afro_Samurai... I mean Afro_Ninja (Sorry, I get the two confused. They just sound soooo similar *wink* *wink*), You took the movie step by step, tweened it, poorly drew the characters with lines, and I do mean LINES for fuck's sake! horribly impersonated the characters' voices, and shot cheap parodies of the most obvioulsy joked about sections. "Wow! he's invisible! Let's make fun of it because it's NEVER been done!"

I'm always ready to forgive a poorly made movie if it's either A: The author's style. or B: It's funny as hell. This film was neither. Oh wait! Your style is shittacular! I guess I should vote 5 on your stuff now!

Afro-Ninja responds:

That's the spirit!

Oh, and did you realize the movies you're bashing are 2-3 years old?

Rofl Fish!

My favourite parts:

"Why is there a floating coat and a hat?"
"Take your time..."
"Hey, how come i can talk to you if this is a record"

Man, that was hilarious... i crapped my pants off on this.

Good work

It didn't really get going until the scene at Gray's house, but i couldn't stop laughing from then on! Hah, I always thought that dancing shaman dude at the end was the stupidest thing i ever saw!


I gotta say, that's classic, probably worth of being shown on television; you could have your own [insert shitty movie] in 15 Minutes TV show, with two movie parodies a day.

Enough of that, critique time. I understand the amount of time a 15 minute movie with good art would take, but some things were just jarring and distracting, ie: Quartermain's jagged beard and Mina's lack of boobs.

Everything you parodied came to mind while watching the movie. "I don't go on adventures anymore." What the hell. Old men can stay in the shape to do Quartermain's feats, but only if they CONTINUE TO DO THEM. If a man that age stops adventures, that's it, he's done. Saggy, craggy, flabby, and most important of all, his aim would be off. Yet he kicks all that ass with no trouble. And he doesn't even go through a training program with M.

Ishmael worked below-decks, so yeah, how the hell did he get outside if he was that roughed up? How did Sawyer survive? [Seeing all those rocks hit him was very pleasing.] There was more you could have done to parody it, though, such as the inconsistent spelling of Quatermain/Quartermain, or the fact that M/Fantom calls on people for the League that have nothing stealable [ie: Quartermain and Sawyer]. Then there's thousands of things with the car and Nautilus and ughghghg. Well done. You had me in stitches. ("And you don't have hypothermia HOW?")


*Speaks in his slightly less than decent Sean accent*
Though I did enjoy the league of Ecshtraordinary Gentlemen, every movie needsh a parody. This washn't a good one, but it wash humeroush.