Reviews for "++ The Journey Begins ++"


i agree with sarias that it just seem a bit too cheery. more like the preperations to explore.still awsome


This Music it self is really great but to be honest i dont see it as exploring the outside world, it kinda reminds me of the sims or somthing like that, or maby like a customising screan (like the sims) :P idk thats just me but other then that great job

oh yeah at the end of the loop it kinda stalls so i would check that out

kelwynshade responds:

Yeah, most of the loops I place on newgrounds aren't usually cut to make perfect loops. Usually people ask for perfect cuts if they want to use it.

But, I was feeling the whole SNES RPG thing while making this =)


awsome man awsome

Awesome song

I really, really like this. :D Kept me amused throughout -Cannon Blaster- and also kept me calm when I should've been stressed out. And, as I was playing, I thought of it kinda adventure game, so I come here, and I'm glad that was your goal. Great job, Josh.


so good i had to download it :)