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Reviews for "++ The Journey Begins ++"

final fantasy

I cant help but instantly think of final fantasy. And its true that this sound eerily similar to alot of rpg songs


great music here
liked everrything

Reminescent of...

The opening sorta feels (a little) like Animal Crossing...or MySims...
Then it changes to a sorta Sims Neighborhood-esque sound. I like!
You just got Fav'd! Congrats!

kelwynshade responds:

Lighthearted for the win!


Soft, gentle and carrying. Really great tune. I think you did a bang up job pumping this song up. Nice work.

kelwynshade responds:


I like it quite a bit. It's simple and happy.


This reminds me of my days of Ragnarok Online. I feel like I'm boring giving you 10's all the time, but I can't help myself with your talent.

kelwynshade responds:

Haha, no complaints from me.

I do miss Ragnarok Online though. I used to play it like crazy years ago.