Reviews for "XIN Session 02"

why's it always the badly animated that get stompd

dude hospitalizing the teacher was great this could be a great series the audio is good but the animation could get some work

im going to try and review them all

im going to try and review each chapter although there are so many i may have to skip a few but my review will always be a good one, good luck and nice flash.

She was wrong it wasnt to much

Him slamming the guys head in the wall was perfect i LOVED it!! He was right though it was a lame fight who goes "wataa" when they fight?

well that was interestingow

i like how they're short. its kinda like watching a tv show or something. anyway this is AWESOME. nothing wrong with it either ^-^

Wow, Pretty Cool

The part that I found most ammusing was the fight scene with the 2 school students over the mishap of the other kids lunch flying into the kids face XP. But the most coolest part was Ghai beating the crap out of the 2 idiots who dont know how to fight.
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