Reviews for "XIN Session 02"


I'll rate it high, but it's still so much like Tenjou Tenge and acouple of other Manga about schools that fight... and stuff.

Too funny

lol that was a such a geek fight between the two XD
lol "stop it ghai! thats too much"!
the guys in the background totally cracked me up!

Ghai's voice-actor reminds me a bit of Johnny Bosch

XIN Session 2

Getting good now, like the fight with ghai he showed them how to really fight, only downside to it was that they didn`t show how Mr Barracks got beat up perhaps in the other episode might tell me.


the voices sounded like they were from a real anime but the art and animation sucked

rock on!

~the festival has just begun...~ ghai rules!