Reviews for "XIN Session 02"


One of the best movies I have ever watched, you sure know how to make a good movie. =)

damn to good

this serie is to good!!!!
i watch the serie every week!!!
and i have 1 question: would you wanna make a movie of all this so the DIE HARD fans can look this "movie" at once


The Xin series is one of the best series on Newgrounds if i do say so myself.keep makin these.and I will always watch these and im watchin the rest tonight.


call me Rovix


it was good but thr lunch room sene was band

Too funny

lol that was a such a geek fight between the two XD
lol "stop it ghai! thats too much"!
the guys in the background totally cracked me up!

Ghai's voice-actor reminds me a bit of Johnny Bosch