Reviews for "XIN Session 02"

Amazing. this is my new favorite series here.

You 2 are awesome. keep on kicking ass. This is one of the best series on newgrounds!!! i doubt this is evr gunna get blammed!!!!

Fuck that last guy...

Your movies are some of the best I've ever seen, and they're definitely my favorite of them all. Your works ar great, don't let anyone get you down. Keep it up!


you built all that angst in me and for what... a cut and paste head on an animated body? You guys suck! That was the lamest disapointement I´ve ever experienced.


Ghai was totally insane right there and with all that blood it was wicked awesome, but I still don't know why you put human faces on animated bodies....... maybe it's for style?!

fast computer

i just found out that the only way to actually enjoy this movie is to have a fast computer or else the sound will not match mouths or u wont catch everything(goes to all xin sessions1-18)