Reviews for "XIN Session 02"

Another slacker

Once again, this episode was too short and really didn't make much progress. But the fight between those two dudes was enough for me.


Hmm. Though I'm sure I couldn't do better, but I think the part where Ghai is tapping his finger could have been tied up a bit, and I personally don't think the real faces on animated characters was that good an idea.

Other than that, I liked what I saw.

Im back

not that good but still good :D


It is a good series with what seems to be a good storyline so far but the animations need work (I can see this was posted in 2004 so your probably a lot better with flash and all that now) Anyways enjoying the series 7/10!


Great movie although i hated the faces that were pasted on when those guys were fighting. Other than that great.