Reviews for "XIN Session 02"


Very good story

So Im watching these in order and this was very good I like the black and white dream sequence, the story and visuals are really good then it gets tottally random and I get really confused at that point then it gets funny and very random lol, its like you took a different direction lol.

Keep it just the art style of things.


Uh, wow, this is really weird. I don't get the stuff with the live-action guys. Is this really happening in the cartoon? Is their appearance a metaphor or something? Um, Andre just did attempted murder. Then again, I'm referring to a case where black guys beat up a white guy.

This doesn't seem racist. Everyone seems pretty insane. This is just so over the place. I guess it's a unique cartoon at least. It's off to a strange and unpleasant start.


Well the voice acting hasnt aged to well over the years and the art style is a bit curdely drawn I see this series getting better with each episode

The voice acting really makes me cringe, but that's all that seems to be bad about it