Reviews for "Mad World Cover"


I must thankyou for makeing this utterly fantstic piece!
I love this song... but I love yours even more! XD


ur voice is amazing and so is this song man, good work u obviously put alot of effort into singing this and i totally love it, fav'd man


this is really good your voice matches really good with the overall feel of the song


don't get me wrong - I love mad world... but..
I don't think counts as a cover, it's just a replay of the version from donnie darko, with one key note change (which sounded.. odd)

The singing got good at times, but also sometimes off tune..
It sounded much better towards the end, more of your musical talent coming through.

It's just that one key change killed it for me, I would dib into other ways to remix the song, without changing the original piano notes.


I love your cover of this song; your voice is so mellow and sad, it really makes the song better. The piano is also very beautiful. It adds to the overall feel of the song. Your voice does break in some places, but it adds atmosphere, so I wouldn't change it if I were you.
All in all, great cover song, keep singing~! 5/5 10/10