Reviews for "Mad World Cover"

Hello Jazza!

I've been listening to this song ever since you pointed it out to me, i've had little time to review but today is the day I keep my silence.

You've got an incredible voice for sure, and I think this songs strength shines out really at 1:40. Your voice really expresses itself well here, and the cello added some much appreciated bass layers to the song, and even though I felt it was powerful, I also felt myself wishing that there was just a bit more you know? I'm thinking swelling Double Bass strings, or perhaps even further louder cellos. Why? I felt this song's timbre was slightly too treble based. I'm using bass oriented headphones right now and still I feel there was a slight lack of bass.

Remember these are all personal opinions, let me tell you know technical wise, structure wise of course, there is no fault in this song.

Swelling cellos at 1:38, ace man, +30 respect points!

And then of course my own orchestra voices begin to speak and I wonder what this song would sound like with some further instrumental additions. In the original I felt the lonely few instruments were what made it strong, the additions in this song take away from the lonely feeling, yet do not fully give me a satisfying full experience.

I'm talking some fuller string sections, violins thrown into the mix, perhaps even a small solo with the main theme pure orchestra, some low brass, some ever gentle flutes, some sorrowed oboes...

it is definitely an inspiring cover, as well as an inspiring song...

Always rooting for you Jazza, keep up the good fight! You will be missed severely by at least one person when you leave for your service.

Jazza responds:

wow man, one of the best reviews ever lol. a lot to learn from, and a lot to be thankful to hear from you, so thanks for taking the time

as for adding more, yeah i probably could have done more. i don't think i was expecting the reaction this got, i recorded vocals and piano at once, and the song only tool 2 hours to record.

thanx a lot man. i LOVE your music, i have u as one of my 3 favs if you didnt notice!! lol

thanx man

my ears

that vosie is from the heavens

Jazza responds:

thats a verry nice thing to say lol

I love this song

Its been a while, the last time i heard this song was like 7 years ago. it is not as fast as the original.

Jazza responds:

yeah i know. i prefer the slower version though. you should look for the gary jules version, the best i think :)


Sounds familiar, I don't know it might have been in the Silent Hill movie, hmmm. Vocals are very nice too

Jazza responds:

thanx heaps. and yeah this song is everywhere, not my version, the gary jules version :P

Nice song!!!

Loved it. Very smooth. Keeped me relaxed and cool. You got some talent, you sould make more songs like this!!! 10/10 5/5

Jazza responds:

thanx heaps bro, preciate it lots :)