Reviews for "Mad World Cover"


Top points:

You have a very powerful singing voice
the key change at 1:36 was very interesting
very good rerecording at 2:19 to 2:30

Only sugestion is to raise the volume of the cellonviola (cello) at times where it is very weak.

On the subject of covers, as long as you use no copyrighted material, such as audio clips, and do not sell the cover, you are within your legal limits.

Simply amazing!

This song really brings out sorrow and some depression, but the vocal and keeps you listening and understanding what you, the singer, are feeling yourself. You don't need to achieve any major important keys because the key you currently have is what enables you to do this song like telling a story. You make a scene and define it's colors with your voice, and the piano makes the emotion stronger.


Pretty good =] Nice voice, and good tiny vibratos.

Good effort

The Gary Jules cover of Mad World (which would make your song a cover of a cover I suppose) is not instrumentally complex, and focuses mostly on the power of Gary Jules' singing. Minor gripes aside, you did a pretty good job replicating that feeling. Your minor instrumental expansion of the Jules cover is good as well. However, my main issue is about your singing. Because of the spartan nature of the instrumental accompaniment, your voice is under a lot of scrutiny here. It was easy to hear when you were off-key. My last criticism (which is pretty subjective) is that your voice seems to be a theater voice. This wouldn't normally be a problem except for the way Mad World was sung by Jules and Tears for Fears. Their tones were distinct; Tears for Fears had an paranoid, manic-depressive feel, while Jules was more melancholy and constant in his tone. While I get that this is more of a cover of the latter than the former, your tone just doesn't feel right to my ears. It sounds more like you're trying to convey a story with your voice, rather than pure emotion.

Like I said, take the last comment with a grain of salt, because that's just my opinion. I think the effort is there but, at the risk of sounding like a pretentious music-douche, your voice just doesn't match the musical mood like it should.

I'm ashamed JAZZA!

Seriously, why, JAZZA? Really! If you like it so much, why not download it on your
i-pod(or somthing related)? You don't have to make a cover audio, just express your feelings on your userpage. Now, I'm givinga 7 for effort and I like this song(wink wink). Also, I do appreciate your feelings, but remember JAZZA, download it on your i-pod or somthing related.
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