Reviews for "Mad World Cover"

I like, but a few flaws,

While I know it's your own cover, when you tend to go higher over the piano rather than lower, it tends to take away from the mood. But it's still very good for what it is, da?

I love it

it is even better than Gary Jules's version, your voice is even better than his anyway, especially for this type of song. can you please do another

p.s i hope "the composer" wins


I enjoyed how you played this song with different instruments. You were much more emotional with this song then anyone else.


Especially at the beginning. A very well-made cover.

Really nice job.

In order to offer some constructive criticism I'll say this: you're voice broke just a little bit at some points (in some places it was good though because it offered a bit more painful and true feeling to certain sections), at some points your voice was just a bit too high, but that's fine because you still did a wonderful job and stayed the right amount close to the original. Also, the key change felt so right that I couldn't help but feel like you've done a better job than anyone else could have. Very well done, keep it up!