Reviews for "Mad World Cover"

When i was young

I always listened to this song...Just for the beat...and now....I love this song even more...Thank you...Bravo my good sir...Bravo!!

I'm trying to sing like you now.

As I've gotten older and more mature, I can sound just like this, and I just want to say it inspires me. I want to be a singer, and I want just as good as you do.

Always gets a 9 from me

What can I say? I simply love this song and it's one of my favorites. Everything that is at least a remix of this fantastic piece of art should be given a 9 in my opinion and you did great in this; those four hours of preparation paid off!

a bit of math

jazza+ audio track to my favorite videogame= equals kickass remix :D. good job.

*Snif* Awesome

Its So Beutifull *Snif*
Mad World.... it reminds me of Gears Of War