Reviews for "Mad World Cover"


Talk about the song it self, nicley composed, I liked the drum loop and the chords sounded amazing, without the vocals the song is still good, Now for your vocals, Im no pro, but I am learning how to sing too, and i really like your voice, there were some mistakes for example, your highs are the problem but its a problem for any guy to sing that high, very nicley done.

5/5 - 9/10

DJ Sumara

Good cover

Like your flashes, this song is great. And billybobwhatsit, when he says "the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had", he is reffering to the fact that he was tired of living (For the sake of attentions,world weary, depressed, whatever motive), and in dreams where he is dead, or dying, he was getting what he wanted above all else. I don't know, sounds logical to me. There is bound to be millions of meanings from great songs.

The dreams in which im dying are the best i've had

what does that mean...what does it mean?!?

Absolutely Amazing

I literally just now went and registered on Newgrounds so I could write you this review.

This song takes the original song and jacks up the emotion tenfold. Seriously. I can feel every ounce of your emotions just pouring into this song, and I am about two blinks away from tears. You are an amazing singer, and you had better never stop. You've got some serious talent.

That said, I bow to you, JAZZA. A job VERY well done!!!

are you the vocals

if oyu are omg you are amazing i think you should have a great music career (if it's your career choice) Very well done