Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"

Very funny LOL

I have seen some of the other ones in this series and they were very funny. The sound quality though I think needs to be cleaned up up. Other than that great show!

oh my god they are baaaaack

Ah i waited so long.. great stuff..maybe this can lead to a good NG renaisance of new Miss Dynamite, Bob, Pico etc. Sweet

2 funny

that was so funny and that guy is so stupid to shoot itself


wow, good work. Something about those characters tells me they might be based on real people, friends of yours maybe? or I could be completely off base. either way, it was funny and I liked the voices.

as i have said before....

you are a natural comic and although the idea was fairly basic, it was just the right kind of humour that i ADORE! i have been waiting a while for this episode and i must say, it does not dissapoint! keeeeeeeewl