Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"

Lol awesome!!

Its awesome you mention Bruce Lee here!!
And the shooting was very funny!!
Great movie!

fucking awesome! XD

during the last scene the first thought that came to my mind was " careful when you rub it or it'll go off in your hair "

that is what i needed

ya i need a good loling and you can make me do it make more are i will blow your brans

Ahh, Benny, Ya never let me down...

Dave, what have I told you about making gory flashes? What would your mother say? No not Ben...AHHHHHH, Umph.

P.S.- You asshole, you shot me! (In afunny, perverted sort of way:P)

Very good, and worth a view, or 10

FS finally returns. Thank God, its been long enough. He he, Bob, man, i love BATMAN. Once again, SOC has managed to make me happy, in a sick and twisted way.