Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"


Holy shit, I had no clue FS was back up. Thank's a lot, man.

Why does the sound cut in an out?

It looked good, but the sound was a mess.
I sounded like it was recorded as a bunch of small files. All the background Hiss dies out and it's just not right.
I'm sure you where aware of this, but you couldn't rerecord, so you left it that way.
What I'm saying is that too my ears it didn't sound right.
aside from that, great show!


That was great. I love these Soft Outer Crust episodes. If I wasn't a dumbass and a lazyass and could make flash movies myself, these are the type of things I'd make. Keep makin these things.


This was great. The characters were well drawn, the humor was sick, just how I like it. You spoil us, heh.


A perfect movie score?

I didnt see anything that I didnt see perfect, I bloody love this series, tho I didnt exactly expect to ever see another one again!
On note of that, whatever happened to the orriginal fuck society site? its like a porno search engine now.