Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"


Great Work! I love the SOC collection you have but why arn't they all on Newgrounds. Any Way Good work! -"5"


Wow you know this is the first Soft Outer Crust I've ever seen haha really good though now I gotta go see the others yeesh there's a lot


I thought the Soft Outer Crust series died...a long time ago. I need to play catch up now.

Damn I love these.

I've been watching these since they started on your site and have loved him since episode 1. The babysitting one is my favorite. This was great also. keep up the amazing work.

Haha! New Soft Outer Crust!

Haha, I've always loved this series. It's so random and hilarious. Keep 'em coming!