Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"

Great work man

You just made a clocks day U could make this injto a tv series on teleatoon unleashed if you tryed hard enough!

wow that was great

i loved the style of drawing was awsome.and the music an sounds were great i loved the song at the end.good job dude

heh heh heh

hehehe bruce lees dead, and so is his son, and that was my shoe not his

Po0r PuPpy Dawg

That poor cute puppy!! The story was hillarious and the puppy was so adorable! I liked the honesty about the gun, everyone gets hurt when a gun is around.

You made me laugh, :O

I didn't like it until, "Aww gunny, you never let me down =)" *POW* (Insert babyish whining noise here). That was good :P