Reviews for "Soft Outer Crust Ep#23"


Real funny even though its short it still owns. And the scene were that guy(?) says
-bob, the gun
then shoots him is from batman movie1 right?

Very funny

This is short but really funning and it looks great

LOL (honestly)

The benny hill music alone makes this worth watching

You know what? Uh un.

I saw the 3.79/5.00 rating and I thought this was going to be a possible Portal Top 50, but... I just didn't find the Jerky Boys "You Kicked My Dog" reference (IF it was intentional) or the Batman reference all that funny. I will give you props on the artwork, and all out originality, and maybe my sense of humor leans more towards the "poop joke" type of flash on NG, but it was a nice effort.


Bob? Gun! LOL one of my favorite scenes from Batman. This flash cracked me up. I haven't seen a flash on NG that has made me laugh in quite some time. Good work with this one bro All my 5 R belong to this!