Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"

Fucking great...once again!

I am a loyal Eric Sullivan follower!!!! Ok now that being said, it was a great movie haha

Good work... better than part 1

Funny shit man... well, both of you.
You guys do the best stuff on newgrounds! Altho i havnt personally watched much else...none the less, this movie is fuckin funny!

Anyone reading this before the show- Watch it, its great!


FUCKING HILARIOUS LMAO!!!!!quote:bitch slapping mother fuckers LOL!

Ha ha!!

I liked it as much as the first!

Good parody!

it was ok.....

too much cursing, architects mouth didnt move, i dont know, it made me smile, but the pussy whip joke is fom the mtv movie awards 2003