Reviews for "Without a Ticket"

Dude Awesome

Im i huge fan of jazz and i gotta say wow my kinda shiz, Right on the money One of the best jazz songs ive heard in awhile and it didnt sound like the others do.....yuck....weather channel music.


I don't really like Jazz but I wanted to try it out anyway and wow. This makes me want to listen to more Jazz. That was such a nice Sax and the keyboard was right on. This is awsome.

very good song

nice song, nice effort, nice "bothered to show this on ng" didnt really hear what the song's trying to say, so the title is a liitle bit off

Very nice sax...

The sax is very nice. The quickness is what makes the song nice. Well , also the progession. the authentisity of the scales. The certain riffs you repeat make the background more noticed. The bass follows a very nice groove, which is common is most famous jazz songs. The way you use the dums emphasize them main sound in a way that most listeners don't notice the drums themselves, but the whole song. Like you don't focused on them but it makes the song more enjoyable. You did an excellent job on the key board. But take that skill to a whole new level. Make the key boards more louder, noticable. So incorparated with the sax. That would make an excellent sound.


Well Done.

Very well done. I play tenor sax and absolutely love jazz man. This is dang good. It goes to solos and keeps to the center. The pace doesn't vary unless intended. The tone quality is pretty dang good as well. Keep it up.