Reviews for "Without a Ticket"


this would fit perfectly on Cowboy Beebop!


Its awesome the begining of the begining is kinda bad (until maybe the 46 mark) but it was awesome! (btw i usually put interesting for things i dont like so it was sorta reversed for ur music)



(sniff, sniff)

ive been lookin so long for something like this....you sir......are a man amoung men.......unless your a chick....then your a chick among men

Good, but...

I don't get the title

Marty256 responds:

Yeah, i was wondering when someone would ask. We struggled for ages to come up with a name until one day, on the train home like usual, the guy that wrote it had to hide himself from ticket inspectors because he had forgotten to bring his ticket. The experience of running away from authorities was so intense for him that when i saw him again he just said "i'm calling the piece 'Without a Ticket'". so the title's mostly a humorous in-joke but it does have an intense, driving feel not unlike what you feel when you ride public transport illegally. i think..?