Reviews for "Without a Ticket"


Jazz when its best. this kind pf nuber hits you Right in the heart! the kind of number that always end up hurting your feelings by ending..
Ooh dear god. why cant all numbers be like this? even the sound track the dark knight. that would only make this lovely song better. Aah Yes, The Whole world will know your Song 1 day and Jazz will take over the world with it's smooth tones!
i have always been woundering if something like this really would come up one day. but you! Marty256 you have made a way for us humans to end all wars and start a new world! You are the only 1 who can save the planet that we live on.


great song! but I'm more for the "relaxes"


this is truly great,thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of music with us.it kinda reminds me of a more laid-back Mahavishnu Orchestra.


The perfect song to just chill with. Beautiful work dude

Professional Quality

Has a great professional sound to it. Sounds like something that'd be used in the old SimCity games. Hot Stuff.