Reviews for "Without a Ticket"


I really love it when I find music as good as this on NG. Brilliant work!


This is like jazz gold!

Impressive piece of music.

I'm greatly impressed by this. The composition and everything. Everybody performs their parts very well and the main parts aren't the only fun things to take focus on, even the backing parts are fun. I'm especially impressed by the quality, sounds very professional.

I do have to say, there was at least one part that sounded kind of weird to my ears. I think it was 6:16 to 6:19 maybe. It's strange, because it sounds fine in one way, but the progression to it seems strange to me. Either way, this piece is still amazing.

The horn player has my compliments as well.

A young Grover Washington, Jr.

Your horn player is one of the most talented instrumentalists I've ever had the pleasure of hearing, I'm surprised you haven't received more acclaim for your works.

nice bass

the bass line felt very smooth. Great use of tension and such throughout the song. Really nice job on the horns as well, in fact this was just great all around!