Reviews for "Without a Ticket"


One of the best jazz pieces on Newgrounds, potentially one of the best, period. Most certainly beats out the #1 Top Song "of all time" in the Audio Portal in my opinion (one can only take so much trance music!)

Keep it up guys, super-strong composition and musicianship throughout. Bass, drums, keyboards, horns, all played beautifully! I know you don't have much to gain but motivation from all this praise, but at the moment it's hard to be really critical, especially since Jazz isn't a compositional style I visit often.

Did I already say keep it up? Well, please do, I'm always happy to have music like this for free haha!

very chill

extremely chill
gives me shivers
I love the horns


Awesome Listen, I love Jazz. Keep up the great work.

10/10 5/5

Disagree about the splash

I played this through and removed the splash just to see what bogsaw meant and I have to disagree. It doesn't feel the same without it. Everything is just perfect. Good Job.


Well Done remind of cowboy bebop