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Another Day Two

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Dim Here!

I was pleased with the popularity of the first 'Another Day' and so many people wanted to 'see more' I decided to make a sequel. Its longer, with a new soundtrack by Turin Brakes, and mixed by Tom to fit the length of the movie. Its also got more of a 'plot' then last time, but still don't expect much action or violence, this is designed to be calm. If you want something with a fight scene, you're in the wrong place.
I am very pleased with the movie, and I hope you enjoy it. :)
PS: Leave a review, we always love reading them!

NOTICE: If anyone really liked the video game section in that movie, you're in luck. Watch out for a real game featuring Blue Rabbit soon.

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I am just amazed at how sweet these cartoons are! There's so much cynicism nowadays. Instead, you made something great that was very pleasant. I can always appreciate stuff like that. You still had pop culture references. I especially loved the video game bit.

Everything was just so sincere. It's just a pleasant cartoon from beginning to end. There may not be much that happens, but that's okay. There doesn't need to be. It really is just another day.

a very nice discovery. Im already a follower!

Your stuff will always be flash classics!

very good, but why disen't anyone talk in this series?

The ripple effect has improve, but i was forced towatch half the movie in silence. You have shown slight improvement through giving the option of a replay.