Reviews for "Another Day Two"

you are so great

i liked breathe better than this song, which really did nothign for me and yet your super animation and ultra smoothe style have still managed to leave me in a state of utter amazement. you are awesome, you evoke any and all emotion with a swish of a palet tool. wow, your good.

Loved it

i love all of your flashes. it makes me feel relaxed. its very calm unlike a lot of the other flashes on NG. This is by far one of my favorites. Keep up the good work.


I know someone must have said it before, but this series gets a lot more interesting when you get to see how BR feels about his friends and how they feel about him. That's the best part of the AD series. You can feel the love!
BR and RR are my favourite characters. Like the song says, they just care for each other.

A good showing of friendship.

Very nice.


cute....I guess