Reviews for "Another Day Two"

im watching the whole series in one night, and i know that this isnt great just because im stoned, this is a work of art.
flash like this is so beautiful, i wish people would still make em like this
5/5, bravo


It's nice to see something pure like this every now and then.

if i loved

i would give you hugs and kisses
this should be a valintine special

Very cute

wow this is so {CUTE} and the {SONG} is so awsome, the flash toon you have here is so cute, and the {FBF} is very good making it smooth but still in the fbf style, i am sad that it is so short though, you should really try and make it longer, i saw the first one and that one was cute this one is even better and he/she has a friend even, so very welldone there, i really like how you make it smooth on by from one scene to the next just like a {DAY} would really pass, This one was abit longer then the first so thats a plus, but the characters you have here are just so cute and with the great song it makes it a way more complete flash and i really took to this flash, and like what you made of it, i do plan on watching the others, as for improving on this, maybe a tad longer, and start to introduce other characters maybe even the mishaps of a days day, just an idea though, as for this i really enjoyed the flash and cant wait for more.

Try and ad abit more to it, like suggested some of the mishaps of the day, maybe something bad happens but he recovers from it.

another refreshing day with a cute song and cute characters.


If only you ..

Were here way back then before humans turned against each other in this world .
Evading everything that isn't ''perfect'' for them . Avoiding everything that didn't compare to their ''level'' . Dude, you are one of my favorite artists . I love your style, the music you use to correspond with the story within your beautiful world . Why can't all other people show such a world ? Humans all have a special world, it's a shame many turned dark . I really think you have awakened many people with these videos, they are extremely enlightening . You never fail to disappoint me . Keep it up man . 5/5 10/10
- EW - (<-- I am not kidding guys, it's a pretty hysterical abbrev.)