Reviews for "Another Day Two"


Really like the song and the peacefull clip that just suits it.


Who knew a regular, relaxing day could be so enjoyable to watch? It's bliss!

Better than the first

I like the fact that you added more characters. It adds a reality to it. The art must be hard to make, knowing that it shakes a lot. Doing so though adds something... new to flash, or just old and you bring it back. Keep it up!


Another day brings something new....

Very sweet. :-)

I enjoyed this, these cartoons are very peaceful. I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first one, I personally think the blue rabbit (whatever his name is) is slightly better as a solitary character. It is the animation rather than the plot or the idea of the cartoon that made it for me. Very enjoyable, I shall enjoy watching the rest of the series. :-)