Reviews for "Another Day Two"

Lovely :)

I like this is like watching a silent movie with moody music. Is a experimental Animation i never seen before keep up the good work.


Finally a series designed to be calmI LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!! I've been looking for something like this for a while i like violence and all but this is nice

Haha very nice!

For some reason these vids remind me of The Sims.

Perfect music to compliment the flash...

I rarely write reviews for stuff not listed in the R.R.C. but I needed to write something for this.

The animation appears to all be frame by frame, which gives it a nice "dreamy" quality.
"Emergency 72" is one of the bands most intimate pieces of music, aside from there more powerful "The door"...

I applaud you for using their work since they really aren't that well known stateside,
I think this is the only flash submission to have done so aside from a super old submission I did a few years back...

It was really sweet, something quite rare for newgrounds.
- Celx


I love the music its very calming