Reviews for "Another Day Two"


I can't believe this entry didn't win any Portal awards! It must have been a really fantastic submissions day if this didn't even break the top 5. It's another great entry, and the music is again perfect for it. It helps that turin Brakes are such a good band! I did actually quite like the look of the videogame section, so I hope there is a game!

Good keep it up.

You did good at this awesome flash I like the music and the flash it's self and who's the red rabbit?


This is my favorite kind of animation style, I like the story, and the beautiful music really put a "feel" into it. Pretty much pure awesomeness.


man this is like the first ever actual normal series of a flash characters life
no violence or killing 1 of a kind :D

i dont like

i dont like 2 and 1 lets see if 3 and others are betta >:(