Uniwar Level 1 SE

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Be sure to check out my NG page for info on the upcoming Uniwar novel (now titled The Ideal Soldier).

Our website has changed. It is now www.idealsoldier.com . The old urls in the flash game no longer work.
My email has changed. It is now doomhammr@gmail.com. The old address no longer works.

Check out the new prequel to this here: http://tinyurl.com/yzeu4d
and the enhanced Flash 8 version here:

This Flash game is Nintendo Wii compatible.
This Flash game is in no way associated with the Uniwar iPhone game. This game predates the Uniwar iPhone game by nine years.

I have updated the graphics in Level 1 (sorry not Level 2) for the one year anniversary in 2001. That is why level 1 looks better than 2.

I've been getting tons of reviews saying "make level 2!" There already is one! Just check under my other works in the lower left.


I'm sorry, but this doesn't seem to hold up that well at all. I mean, it's just some animation that doesn't look good. It's too easy at times. It is pretty hard with the guys that have a lot of health. I like how you can replenish it. It doesn't look good by most standards.

The sounds aren't bad. I like how it's a clear cut game. Congrats on all your plays! I feel bad looking at all this old stuff. I mean, it's not terrible, I've just played much better.

Doomhammr responds:

No offense taken. I understand this game is now 16 years old and does not hold up well at all. I think I was 14 or 15 when I made this.

Considering this game is 14 years old .(13 if you start the time from the year of the graphic change) This game is amazing. If this was a pixel art arcade game I'd be spending all the quarters on this in 50 cent intervals. (pretty sure that's not the right word but oh well)
This is definitely the oldest flash game I've played that I can say I enjoyed and honestly there not much wrong, it's just a bit dated. Honestly there's only one other problem, I kind of think that all the levels should be in one game. If they were put together into one game that would be pretty cool. All in all it's a really good game. Especially for it's time.

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Doomhammr responds:

I agree. At the time, computers (especially my Celeron) were much slower and it was easier to serialize Flash games to releasing them one level at a time considering it would take forever for Flash to compile back then. Combat Instinct would be the first one on Newgrounds to buck that trend, but I dread to think of the load times McFretN had to deal with.

Interesting factoid about Combat Instinct: According to McFretN, he was working on CI2 when he completely lost the first level of the game (don't remember how, probably a computer crash or file corruption). He had to remake the entire game, but as it turned out, McFretN added new features like branching paths that would be a mainstay for the series in CI2 and 3.

depending on it was 14 years ago, very good game and hard to finish too.
i didn't killed the sergeant :(

Doomhammr responds:

Here's a cheat. After you die, right click and hit play and you'll have infinite life for the remainder of the level. Just don't pick up any power ups or it'll break the cheat.

i love it the art was bad but in my mind bad art means more fun and i like the idea of the medical kit

Doomhammr responds:

Thanks. I can do much better now, but remember, this was 14 years old.

by the time i got to the mech i died... so... i have not much to say other than i didnt like this but let me try something... okay for the the grapics are fine for the time it was in and the gameplay is ... pretty good but it feels like every thing need to be locked in before i can fire but really i would have gone farther if there were checkpoints... just my general thoughts... 3/5 cause i really didnt give it that much of a chance

Doomhammr responds:

Sorry you didn't like it, but I still appreciate the 3/5 stars. I can give you a cheating tip: on the game over screen, right click and then click play. The game will continue from the first hallway and you'll have infinite life as long as you don't pick up any medkits.

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3.56 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2000
4:25 PM EDT
Action - Other