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Reviews for "Uniwar Level 1 SE"

So this is the precursor to Combat Instinct...

Very good, nice replay value since you can go in different directions. I can't hurt Lightning Mech, though.

Doomhammr responds:

Shoot it in the "eyes". Thanks for the review.


graphics: considered u made this in 2000 u get a i cause back then there was not good flash makers and u were a n00b at flash (no offrnce)

style: in the 00 there werent many shooters

sound: it was difficult to hear the music

violence: come on!!! more blood and gore,
activity: lots opf clicking

humar: i laughed at the way the soldiers died

overall: not bad but since this was made in 00, its pretty good

Doomhammr responds:

I'm extremely pleased at the fairness of your review. Thank you. Yep, I was a noob in '00.

pretty good

haha this game wasnt as bad as i thought it would be i actually really enjoyed it..the graphics werent great but as i always say in my reviews i know i could never make better so thumbs up there. but anyway man great game and i like all of your other flashes to keep it up man

Doomhammr responds:

Thanks for the kind words. I plan on keeping it up.

one question

you sure you were a flash game god before you made this, causee this is one of my favs!!!

Doomhammr responds:

Thanks. Check out my other and future submissions.

quite good

had lots of style and was very unique! Unlike other games, this game actually forced you to be hit which increased difficulty which I like! I'll give this...a 4!

Doomhammr responds:

thank you very much.