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Reviews for "Uniwar Level 1 SE"

great game

this is one of the best shooters ive ever seen on newgrounds and i have been going to newgrounds before portal even opened up so i know what im talking about. Keep up the good work and btw i laughed my ass of at ur Starcraft War thing thats freaking great stuff.

Nice one!

This was a really well made game. I have to admit that the robot falling through the door was the only funny part though.

Keep it up!

still the best!!!

i played this when it came out but didnt give it a review so i figured id do it now, this game was the best then, and is the best now. it just doesnt get any better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Woot!!! All my 5r are belong to this!

Doomhammr responds:

Thank you!

Mmmm...It's good,in fact,it's the best 2000 game I found on Newgrounds yet!here's some help:
1:When you're about to face a boss put full healt!It's impossible to me to beat the big-ass robot if I barely have health and he kills me in one shot.How do you kill him anyway?
2:Put better guns and the health-regainer things to affect more,I barely recover survive the seargent

As I always say,hope this helps

Doomhammr responds:

When I revamped the game in 2001, I added more health packs.