Shoot Trent Lott

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I updated the full version...fixing some minor graffical errors and added some difficulty...sorry if the game is a little late!

For those who don't know WHO Trent Lott is...He is a Republican Senator from MISSISSIPPI who accidently revealed that he supported Strom Thurmund (a racial segregationist)...He claimed that "If we had elected him, We wouldn't have the problems we have today" at Stroms Thurmond's 100th birthday party back in December 2002.

Here are some cartoons about him...


A little over average,

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for shooting that asshole and hearing the bullet rattle around in his empty head, but the gameplay needs only slight improvement. Like, they all kinda look the same (except for Colin Powwel) and I'd rather see Lott's head explode rather than stuffing a puck into it. Other than that, top notch old man, top notch.

P.S. Death to the Confederate bitches. Half a million people did not give their lives so idiots like Cletus and Bubba could hoist the 'stars and bars' above their pickup trucks and drive around like tards. You lost the war almost 200 years ago. Get over it.


This game is hell of funny!


Yet again, reading the reviews were funner than the actual game... The game itself was just decent... I would have liked it more if the game had blood and actual shooting noice... The Zero theme's repetiviness was too annoying... With few flaws, this is a OK game. PEACE

Thanx! I've always wanted to kill that Bitch!

Awesome! Now make a game where I can kill that art murdering woman hating John Ashcroft!

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Just to clarify...

Did you know that Strom Thurmund was a democrat? Part of a long line of segregationist democrats from the southern states. Affectionately called the Dixiecrats, southern democrats made equality an even slower fight. The democrats raked in the votes from the southern states and if it weren’t for the dixiecrats life would have been much, much easier. Damn and people act as if the American republicans are the real racists. I say that’s bullcrap; the republicans and the republicans alone have achieved the long road to racial equality. Every time someone in the Republican Party acts in a racist manner, he is out of the party, while the Democrats just deny any wrongdoing. Even today the Democrats are putting the black man down, just in different ways. Such as welfare and affirmative action make minorities slaves in the ballot box, just another page in the story of leftist shenanigans.

PS: I am Canadian, so I am non-biased towards U.S. politics.

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Jan 16, 2003
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