Reviews for "Shoot Trent Lott"

((( NOT-BAD )))

Ok well not bad, but needs more, maybe work on the gun/aimer its needs to be abit sharper, and some popup guys are abit chopy, not bad though...


Chen-Baiwan responds:

What quality did you play the game at? Because on thge computer I have...it is only A LITTLE choppy...if you play it on high...

Trent Lott?

May I suggest some things u may wish to add on to further improve the game(mayb antoher version?) such as head shots, reloading of bullets and some animated blood.

Chen-Baiwan responds:

Nah...When I make a game where you're actually shooting bullets (rather than shoes)...I'll think about it!


was that megaman x4 music?

Chen-Baiwan responds:

Yep...that was the Zero theme...! SomedudeTMB used it in his game (Blams and Saves) and it went well with his...I experimented and it went VERY well with mine too...or at least I think it did...


I helped with the actionscript!


Good shooting game with nice graphics. But who the hell is Trent Lott?

Chen-Baiwan responds:

I added a small description of Trent Lott to the page...