Reviews for "Shoot Trent Lott"

calling rednecks racist is sterotypeing

i understand hating segergation, but calling rednecks racist is like call asians smart nerds with calculaters it just not right. and yes I am a redneck. I have no problem with afican americans and most other rednecks don't ethier.

Fast Paced

I expected more than that. I wanted some real violence. It wasn't that much fun when you just shoot a bomb in his mouth. You should have included a shotgun and shoot him in the head. You also have to make things seem more real, I honestly say that adults won't pop under the tablecloth like children, and there certainly won't be 7 of the same person at once. Improve.

gotta kill gotta kill gotta kill yehyehyeh

Bigots are fun, they make such excelent targets. the pace was good and i liked the unending parade of targets. didn't hit colin powel or tom fulp once

its like a fun version of whack-a-mole

-.-!,,,(means look up)


I think people like that guy deserve something more... hmmm... violent like shooting them with a shotgun, or something like that to see how their quasi empty heads blow up...