Reviews for "Shoot Trent Lott"

Ah. kinda boring.

Yeah I hate Trent Lott , too. It would have been better if he actually had died. Or maybe lost some limbs. Anyway, it was ok.


Tell me, Do you hate racist shitheads like trent lott and strom thurmond? That was nice to do this for Anti Racist people (read:everybody), But next time, make it more recognizable who's who. X.x

surpriseingly fun

actualy alot of fun


It seems people in general will never lighten up. Trent Lott only tried to make an old man smile. No story there.

A little over average,

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for shooting that asshole and hearing the bullet rattle around in his empty head, but the gameplay needs only slight improvement. Like, they all kinda look the same (except for Colin Powwel) and I'd rather see Lott's head explode rather than stuffing a puck into it. Other than that, top notch old man, top notch.

P.S. Death to the Confederate bitches. Half a million people did not give their lives so idiots like Cletus and Bubba could hoist the 'stars and bars' above their pickup trucks and drive around like tards. You lost the war almost 200 years ago. Get over it.