Reviews for "Shoot Trent Lott"

as much as i hate u, that was entertaining.

Chen-Baiwan responds:


Good Job!

I Fucking hate Strom and Trent, they can die of AIDS and burn in hell!.

Play the game!

Quick load, easy to understand and play. I loved the music.

Chen-Baiwan responds:

Quick, concise, and complementary...Thanx for the review!
(( :3D c)

about the review of Fuck life

Well i'm 14 year old
And i know How hard it is ,

Every time i upload a movie and then because "of the low user rate" it disappears

so uuuhm ...

I'd better go back to my movie


The game was ok, but the song got kinda repeative, but wouldent it be cool if you added blood or something? I cannot make games or movies and i have flash mx! But all of the 14years old kids that are around here think its easy to make flash, but is hell of a job if your alone! So I think it was ok:)